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Communication Problems Can Be a Big Threat To Your Relationship

  What We Say (And Don’t Say) Matters If you wonder how big of a deal good communication is, there was a time when a problem in communication almost killed my husband. Well, actually, it was I who almost killed him.  And not really “almost killed,” but “almost didn’t save.” The reason communication is so […]

Fighting Over Something Stupid Again?

It Seems So Silly People who come to me for couples counseling are so often frustrated because they keep having battles over the dumbest things ever.  Like when something happens and you suddenly feel upset but it looks trivial to the other person.  You try to just let it go, but it keeps coming back. […]

“We have nothing in common anymore.”

What’s The Real Problem? When couples first come in to see me, one of them often diagnoses the problem.  They’ll say “we have nothing in common anymore.”  The idea seems to be that people have “things in common,” at first.  Then when that runs out, the relationship is kind of done.  Makes sense.  When you […]