Change your thoughts and you change the world.

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What Happens In Counseling?

Individual therapy is just that: individual. What YOU need is very much dependent on who you are and your life circumstances. I will work with you by listening. I pay close attention and work directly with you to find what you haven’t seen yet. The whole idea is to get a second set of eyes. You need an objective person who’s not too close to your life, to weigh in on what might help. I have seen some pretty amazing transformations in my office. People like you see things in a new light, and go on to approach life in a way that finally begins to feel better.

How Do I Help You Move Forward?

If you work with me I will be honest and compassionate, but also laser focused and persistent as I help you zoom in on exactly what you need to work on in the moment. I will ask you to be honest with me, to give me feedback as we move through therapy, so that we can tailor the sessions to your individual journey. The magic of counseling is that it seems too simple. It’s just two people talking. Yet things can really start to improve in your life as you sort out what helps from what makes things worse.

One thing that I hear way too often is “I should have done this years ago!” Many times when people experience the positive benefits of counseling, they look back and wish they could have done it sooner. They wish they hadn’t had to go through years or even decades accepting the same old stuff when change was possible.

Why Settle For The Way Things Are?

Maybe your relationship is stuck. Maybe you just aren’t happy. If you are out of ideas, individual counseling is a way to infuse new energy and insight into old hurts and problems. If you have any questions about how this works, I will be happy to answer them.