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What to Expect from a Therapy Session

The value should be apparent right from the very first appointment! Sessions are scheduled for 55 minutes, although there are exceptions. Extended 90 minute sessions are recommended for some couples, especially in the early phase. During the first meeting we’ll talk about the issues that brought you into counseling. We’ll start to get an idea of what we can accomplish together and decide on scheduling. Expect to get some insight into what might be holding you back, keeping you stuck, and how things can improve.


Standard 55 minute session rates are $210. Sessions are payable with cash, check, debit or medical savings account cards. While I’m not in network with insurance companies, I can provide a receipt for you to seek reimbursement if your insurer offers “out of network” benefits.

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I can help you figure out your next step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having an objective, trained and compassionate person to help look at your struggles can create big changes. Having a new perspective allows you to see problems and solutions that were not apparent before.

Yes! I’m available by phone for a consultation. You can tell me what’s going on with you and I’ll give you an idea of how I can help.

Things can feel more hopeful right away. Usually the work to make real and enduring change takes awhile. The range depends on many factors. I’ve seen people feel much, much better in just one or two sessions, and others who make a more long term commitment to work on more entrenched patterns. For marriage counseling, it often takes at least 6-8 sessions to really get a sense of improvement, and a few more to solidify progress. For individual counseling, again the range is wide, but some people feel better after just a couple of sessions, while others have been known to come for months or longer if they need to overcome more difficult problems or patterns. Putting off therapy increases the difficulty and the time it takes to improve. Ideally you should plan to come in once a week at first, if possible, to keep the momentum going and the focus on progress!

Nope. It’s important for you to decide what you want as you go along. Even if you feel great about the therapy, you may have a big project that comes up at work, or a bad flu bug that goes through everyone in the house. I maintain a flexible attitude for each client, and each session as we plan what will work. Commitment is about mindset. Therapy works the best when you really want things to get better enough to stick with the process. Many people like to carve out a regular time and day so they know they can count on it. Some make each appointment as they go, depending on their schedules.

It’s often a relief. You let me know what brings you to counseling. It’s your chance to sort out exactly what is going wrong and why, and also how you want your life to look. You can ask any questions that come up, and get a sense for what kinds of things we’ll talk about and address. I’ll explain what I think is going on and what might help. We’ll discuss the methods, a timetable, and any perceptions I have about how things can improve for you.

That probably puts you in the majority of couples I see (at least at first!). I suggest making an appointment, inviting your partner, and then coming alone if necessary. You can check out my blog on this for more details.

With a new therapist, a new approach can be a game changer. Your relationship is a key part of your sense of well-being, so this decision is pivotal. A new set of eyes can make all the difference. When you find the right therapist for YOU, you will see the best results.

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