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Do You Want Things To Be This Way A Year From Now?

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” I don’t know who first said that, but it challenges one of the biggest obstacles to a better life:  waiting.  Some people call it “hope” — hoping things will get better — without a plan.  Other people call it fear — holding on to what you have because change sounds […]

Ten Clues Your Relationship Is Contributing To Your Depression

What Causes Depression? Depression has been linked to many factors, including genetics, medications, trauma, and various life issues.  There are probably more possible “suspects” than there are treatments.  It can be helpful to look at everything when trying to narrow it down.  You need to find what will finally give you relief from the emptiness […]

Fighting Over Something Stupid Again?

It Seems So Silly People who come to me for couples counseling are so often frustrated because they keep having battles over the dumbest things ever.  Like when something happens and you suddenly feel upset but it looks trivial to the other person.  You try to just let it go, but it keeps coming back. […]