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Online counseling is a no brainer. If you want to start improving your life, why let inconvenience stop you? Waiting can eat up years. If you’re ready to work your way out of longstanding problems, there’s no time like now. But sometimes you can’t take time off work. Or it’s hard to coordinate a session time with your spouse. Maybe you don’t want to make a long drive into a counseling office. These things keep people stuck for years. But you no longer have to go to a therapist’s office and sit on a couch in order to feel better. We can shop in our pajamas now. They can 3-D print a car. And darn it, we can get good therapy just by picking up the phone or logging in on the the computer.

Online Therapy is Effective

Online therapy, Telephone Counseling, or Telehealth – whatever name it goes by, it can be a game changer. People who might have trouble arranging a face-to-face session have easy access to the help they need. It can be very freeing to fit counseling appointments into your schedule.

Sometimes busy people hold back on going to therapy. Maybe you are already incredibly stressed out and busy. If you add a couple hours for babysitting, getting to and from an office, or taking a super long break from work, that may seem like too much. Obstacles like these keep you from moving forward. But that one decision could block you from seeing things with a new, helpful perspective. It might block what otherwise might have made a big, positive difference in your life. That’s why online counseling or phone therapy sessions are becoming more and more common.

Does Online Therapy Work?

In short, yes! An online or phone session can offer huge benefits. I evaluate this during our first phone consultation to see if it’s a good fit. For some people, a face to face session over the internet is the natural choice. For others, the phone is the very best option.

Online Counseling Gives You Choices

You can duck out at lunchtime to the car to make a call. Call during the baby’s naptime. Or maybe even get the giant pile of laundry folded during counseling. These choices can make all the difference between putting counseling off to “some day” and getting started now. This can be important. I’ve seen, first hand, life changing benefits from a few phone calls. Finding the right therapist is a very personal thing. But if online counseling gets you to take the first step on a new, better path, the choice is easy.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with, who understands you, is crucial. Online counseling allows the freedom to work with the best counselor for you, regardless of where in Illinois you live.

  • Accessibility. Online or phone therapy eliminates the need to arrange and travel to an in-person session. For those with mobility issues, or couples with different schedules, this can be a big help.
  • Flexibility. Going to be out of town for two weeks but don’t want to interrupt the flow of therapy? Online counseling can allow for continuity when it’s most needed. If you’d prefer to come to the office one week and do an online face to face the next week, we can do that.
  • Fit. I repeat this often but that’s because it matters. Good therapy includes finding a good therapist, and most people don’t have the ability or the desire to put considerable time into travel for counseling – and that’s in addition to the therapy hour. Online or phone counseling bridges that gap and allows you greater freedom of choice if travel time is a factor in making your decision.

Is Online Counseling Right for You?

My goal is always to work with you to improve your life and help you make changes that empower you and lead to more peace and joy. The only way to know for sure if online counseling is the right choice is to give it a try.